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Ayanna Residence Latest Price Package

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Ayanna Residences Latest Price & Package

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Last Updated May 17, 2024 @ 10:27 pm


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The Resort Is Designed To Provide Residents With A Harmonious Blend Of Modern Comforts And Natural Surroundings. The Development Features Five Distinct Types Of Units, Each Catering To Different Lifestyle Preferences.

Type A1

SPA Price Starting From RM875k
3+1 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms & 3 Car Parks 
Monthly Instalment From RM3.4k

Type A2

SPA Price Starting From RM833k
4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms & 2 Car Parks 
Monthly Instalment From RM3.2k
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Type A3

SPA Price Starting From RM851k
4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms & 2 Car Parks
Monthly Instalment From RM3.3k

Type B

SPA Price Starting From RM1mil
4+1 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms & 3 Car Parks
Monthly Instalment From RM3.9k
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Type C

SPA Price Starting From RM1.1mil
4+2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms & 3 Car Parks
Monthly Instalment From RM4.2k

Type D

SPA Price Starting From RM1.39mil
5+2 Bedrooms 3+1 Bathrooms & 4 Car Parks
Monthly Instalment From RM5.4k
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Type E1

SPA Price Starting From RM693k
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms & 2 Car Parks
Monthly Instalment From RM2.6k

Type E2

SPA Price Starting From RM706k
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms & 2 Car Parks
Monthly Instalment From RM2.7k
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Attractive Furnishings Package

Indulge in the ease of purchasing a fully-furnished property, where every corner exudes elegance and charm, ready to welcome you home. Get In Touch With Us To Know More About The Fully-Furnished Package Units.
fully-furnished package

Living & Dining Room

Elevate your home-buying experience with our furnished unit package, offering a seamless transition into comfortable and stylish living spaces.
3-Seater Sofa
Coffee Table
TV Console
Dining Table
Dinning Chair
Surface lights
Ceiling Fan
Photo Frame

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Experience effortless luxury with our furnished space, where every detail has been meticulously curated to provide you with a turnkey living solution.
Queen Size Divan
Queen Bed Mattress
Ceiling Fan
Surface lights
Photo Frame
Bathroom Light Fittings
All information contained in this collateral, including visuals, furniture, item list, and the presentation for this Furnished Package are subject to change depending on the availability of the furniture and decorative items at the time of supply and delivery.

Car Park Features - Speed Ramp & Same Floor Car Park

A speed ramp car park system is a type of infrastructure designed to ease convenience of going to the designated car park lot floor within parking facilities. 
The benefits of a speed ramp car park system are manifold. Firstly, they enhance safety by reducing the risk of accidents and collisions within the parking facility, particularly in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. Secondly, they promote a smoother flow of vehicles, minimizing congestion and improving overall traffic management. 
Additionally, speed ramp systems can help extend the lifespan of the parking surface by reducing wear and tear caused by high-speed driving. Overall, implementing a speed ramp car park system enhances safety, efficiency, and the overall experience for both drivers and pedestrians using the parking facility.
Speed Ramp Going Up
Speed Ramp Going Down
Car Park To Unit Plan
The eight-story residential floor has direct access from the parking level, offering owners the ease of parking and walking to their unit without having to wait for an elevator. The 1.3-acre Recreational Park with Interactive Stream is directly in front of the apartments.

List Of Awards & Recognitions For Ayanna Residences Bukit Jalil

Meticulously designed, Ayanna is a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality, offering residents a sophisticated urban lifestyle within a serene and resort-like environment. Chin Hin's emphasis on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sustainable building practices ensures that Ayanna Resort Residences is not just a residence; it's a testament to a commitment to excellence. 

The development stands as a testament to the company's vision to create spaces that enhance the well-being of its residents while contributing positively to the urban landscape.Elevate your expectations and embrace a new era of urban living with Ayanna Resort Residences by Chin Hin Property Development.

People's Choice Award

Chin Hin Group Property

Best Mid End High-Rise Development (Central)

Ayanna Resort Residences @ Bukit Jalil By Chin Hin Group Property

Best Lifestyle High-Rise Development

Ayanna Resort Residences @ Bukit Jalil By Chin Hin Group Property

Visitor & E-Hailing Management System

To enter the secured lobby, guests will need to scan the QR Code provided by the residents.
E-Hailing drop off areas reduces the traffic at the parking lot and guardhouse entrance. There is no need to wait in queue at the guardhouse entry to register a school bus, drop-off or parcel delivery vehicle. While the waiting lobby is in the protected area, Grab picks people up outside the building without requiring them to enter the premises.
Parcel room is provided in response to parcel delivery's growing appeal. A designated area in the lobby where residents can pick up their food or packages. Grab driver access made simple without sacrificing security.
Visitor & E-Hailling Management System

Smart Surveillance & Security System

Implementing smart surveillance and security systems utilizing apps and QR codes for residential properties offers numerous benefits. 
By integrating surveillance cameras with mobile apps, homeowners can remotely monitor their property in real-time, enhancing peace of mind and security. QR codes can be used for access control, allowing residents to generate unique codes for visitors or service providers, granting them temporary entry while maintaining security protocols. 
These systems can also send instant notifications to homeowners in case of any suspicious activity or unauthorized access, enabling prompt action. Moreover, the data collected through these systems can be analyzed to identify patterns and improve security measures further. Overall, smart surveillance and security systems using apps and QR codes provide convenience, enhanced security, and peace of mind for homeowners, ensuring the safety of their residential properties.
Smart Surveillance & Security System

Ayanna Residences By CHIN HIN

Ayanna offers a resort-lifestyle home close to important amenities at a lesser price than Bukit Jalil's escalating property costs, as it is only 5km from Pavilion Shopping Mall.
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