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Ayanna Resort Residences

Spanning 4.9 acres in the heart of Bukit Jalil. This prestigious development, meticulously crafted on a grand scale by Chin Hin Property Development, boasts two striking residential blocks, A and B, standing tall amidst a landscape of serenity and sophistication.

Block A soars majestically to 42 stories, offering a collection of 333 meticulously designed units that redefine spacious living.

Ayanna Resort Residences Bukit Jalil Unique Selling Points

Ayanna Resort Residences aims to offer a diverse range of living options within a luxurious and well-maintained community, providing residents with a premium lifestyle experience.

The maintenance fee for Ayanna Resort Residences is RM0.27 per square foot (psf), inclusive of a sinking fund. This fee covers the upkeep of common areas, facilities, and other shared spaces within the development, ensuring a well-maintained and enjoyable living environment for all residents.
Why Choose Ayanna Resort Residences Bukit Jalil?

List Of Awards & Recognitions For Ayanna Residences Bukit Jalil

Meticulously designed, Ayanna is a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality, offering residents a sophisticated urban lifestyle within a serene and resort-like environment. Chin Hin's emphasis on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sustainable building practices ensures that Ayanna Resort Residences is not just a residence; it's a testament to a commitment to excellence. 

The development stands as a testament to the company's vision to create spaces that enhance the well-being of its residents while contributing positively to the urban landscape.Elevate your expectations and embrace a new era of urban living with Ayanna Resort Residences by Chin Hin Property Development.

People's Choice Award

Chin Hin Group Property

Best Mid End High-Rise Development (Central)

Ayanna Resort Residences @ Bukit Jalil By Chin Hin Group Property

Best Lifestyle High-Rise Development

Ayanna Resort Residences @ Bukit Jalil By Chin Hin Group Property

StarProperty Awards 2024

Chin Hin Property proudly celebrates a momentous victory at the StarProperty Awards 2024, securing prestigious accolades:

🌟 Resort-Living Award for Ayanna Resort Residences
🌟 Family-Friendly Award for Avantro Residences
🌟 StarProperty All-Stars Awards

These recognitions reaffirm the dedication to exceptional developments that meet evolving needs. Chin Hin Group is committed to transforming real estate with innovation, sustainability, and community focus.

Partially Furnished Unit

Experience unparalleled comfort in every room with 5-star inverter air conditioners, ensuring optimal climate control in both living rooms and bedrooms. Say goodbye to chilly mornings with a water heater storage unit in the master bathroom, offering warmth and relaxation at your fingertips.

Signature Kitchen Top & Bottom

Including Hood & Hob

Inverter Air Conditioners

For Living Room & Bedrooms

Storage Water Heater

Master Bathroom

Attractive Furnishings Package

Indulge in the ease of purchasing a fully-furnished property, where every corner exudes elegance and charm, ready to welcome you home. Get In Touch With Us To Know More About The Fully-Furnished Package Units.
fully-furnished package

Living & Dining Room

Elevate your home-buying experience with our furnished unit package, offering a seamless transition into comfortable and stylish living spaces.
3-Seater Sofa
Coffee Table
TV Console
Dining Table
Dinning Chair
Surface lights
Ceiling Fan
Photo Frame

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Experience effortless luxury with our furnished space, where every detail has been meticulously curated to provide you with a turnkey living solution.
Queen Size Divan
Queen Bed Mattress
Ceiling Fan
Surface lights
Photo Frame
Bathroom Light Fittings
All information contained in this collateral, including visuals, furniture, item list, and the presentation for this Furnished Package are subject to change depending on the availability of the furniture and decorative items at the time of supply and delivery.

Designs To Prevent Entrance Congestion Problem

Congestion at entrances poses significant concerns for various reasons. Firstly, it can lead to delays, frustration, and potential safety hazards as people jostle to enter. 

Secondly, it impedes efficient flow, affecting the overall productivity and functionality of the space. Implementing strategies to alleviate entrance congestion, such as optimizing entry procedures, deploying technology for crowd management, and designing efficient entry layouts, can greatly enhance the experience for visitors and staff alike. 

Reduced congestion not only improves safety but also enhances the overall efficiency and attractiveness of the environment, promoting positive perceptions and experiences for all stakeholders involved.
Food Delivery
Grab and Taxi
Parcel Delivery
School Bus

Ayanna Residences By CHIN HIN

Ayanna offers a resort-lifestyle home close to important amenities at a lesser price than Bukit Jalil's escalating property costs, as it is only 5km from Pavilion Shopping Mall.
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